Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots

The Naughty or Nice line of games are a bit spicy with the sexy elves tempting Santa Claus under Mrs. Claus’s annoyed gaze. If you’re new to these games, they’re popular options due to the prizes, bonus features, and comical graphics. Check out Naughty or Nice: Spring Break, a  Christmas slot that has a fun twist that guarantees it stands out.

The Payouts and Symbols

Naughty or Nice: Spring Break has 30 lines, and as is true of many RTG slots, the payouts require two (limited), three, four, or five symbols before you win. Santa and his gals are having a summer break in the heart of the tropics, so the symbols are all focused on summer beach fun.

  • 9, 10, or Jack – 5, 25, or 200 coins
  • Queen, King, or Ace – 10, 40, or 250 coins
  • Cocktail or Dolphin – 15, 50, or 500 coins
  • Surfer – 5, 25, 100, or 1,000 coins (win with two or more)
  • Mrs. Claus – 5, 50, 200, or 1,250 coins (win with two or more)
  • Santa and the Girls – 10, 100, 500, or 1,500 coins (win with two or more)

The Nice Girl and the Naughty Girl are wilds, too. They’ll help you win more by building larger combinations of symbols on a line. The final symbol is the Naughty or Nice Scatter. It pays 20x or 200x with four or five, but three or more triggers the bonus feature we’re about to cover.

The Bonus Features: Pick Your Girl

If you’re feeling naughty, pick the brunette and get 10 free spins with the chance for extra wilds. If you’re feeling nice, pick the blonde and get 12 free spins. As an added perk, Naughty or Nice: Spring Break provides a feature guarantee that ensures you win the bonus round by a certain number of spins. That counter can reach 50 to 500 spins without the extra bet or 26 to 250 spins if you activate the extra bet.

Our Take

In most casinos, Naughty or Nice: Spring Break requires you to download the casino’s software. It’s not available for online play. For us, this is limiting as we understand fully that some players simply don’t like to install software and take up the space on their computers. If you do download the software, this slot is a great game and one we feel you should check out.

You don’t have to risk a lot. Bet 30 cents to $30 per spin, and open the door to the base game prizes, bonus features, and progressive jackpot, which are all within reach at 30 cents. You don’t spend a lot to play this tropical summer vacation game.